Who rides Penny-Farthing bicycles?

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Well, us of course!

By "us", we mean a group of about twenty riders living in and around the City of Vienna. Most of all, we really enjoy riding around on our Penny-Farthings and being high above the local traffic.

But also elsewhere in the world you find people who want to 'ride high'.
If you want to be introduced in this list, send a short message and an image to hochrad<AT>wuk.at.


So here are a few details on some of the members of our group in Vienna:


 ("The engineer"): who likes to work on new (penny farthing) ideas, and can help you to build and/or assemble your very own penny farthing bicycle.


 ("The tinkerer"): who has just finished building his third high wheeler. Rossi recently travelled all around Greece,on his penny farthing, for four months, during the summer of 1999. 


 ("The Sprint Champion"): The fastest of the penny-farthing sprinters from our group. 5th at the World Championship in Zwettl, Austria, 1998


 ("The Juggler"): Martin has been active in the Austrian penny-farthing scene for a long time. He has participated in the 'once-in-a-lifetime', legendary ride from Wien to Bregenz.


 ("The Newcomer"): Built his first penny farthing in March 1999 and has already travelled hundeds of kilometers throughout the Austrian Ennstal.


 ("The Architect"): Robert finished his first big bike, called the "black hole", in February 2000, and since then is rarely seen off his high-wheeler.


 ("The Pensioner"): On the first day in his 'retirement', he came into the workshop, and started building himself a penny-farthing bike. Now that has been accomplished, he'll will really enjoy his retirement!


 "The post-man": ...though he claims that his penny farthing is sun-yellow!


 "Der historian": The most competent in matters of old bikes.


 ("the Polish Man"): Is always out riding his fully chromium-plated penny farthing - how much work did he put into that?, only Fritz knows...


 "The ecologist": Has received a penny farthing from his friends as a reward for the great election- campaign.


 ("The Traveller"): Has pedaled his penny farthing bicycle on all the five continents of the world. There are not too many penny riders that have achieved that feat.


 ("The Mole"): Pauli came to the workshop one day, just to have a ride on a penny farthing bike. Now he has his own machine and is an experienced and accomplished rider.


 ("The TV Man"): Nickolai purchased the old "tank" from HAE. Now he rides it, with his family, all around the Vienna bicyle-trails.


 ("The Fish Salesman"): Joined us in the summer of 1999. Alex rides his fire-engine-red penny farthing, on every opportunity he can get.



... to be continued!

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 ("The Tyrolean"): Gerhard built his own penny-Farthing from the ground up, in February 1999, now he endangers the life of everyone on the Tyrolean streets.

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 ("The Psychologist"): Rides on his highwheel, manufactured by 'Rossi', through Mannheim.


 ("The Railroader"): When he does not work on his privat little railway in his garden, he can be found on his Penny Farthing from time to time...



 "The world-biker": plans to cycle around the world from May 2001 on his penny farthing.


 "The catfood": besides penny farthings he also rides unicycle, and juggles.

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 "BikinGail": Here in the list to proof that also women ride Penny-Farthings - even in Texas!

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 "Lazy John": Obviously 'down under' nothing is done by human force any more..

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