Articles about Penny Farthin history!

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Here you can find articles about Penny Farthing history. The aim is to collect descriptions of special bikes and documents of time. Articles available in english are marked with the symbol English version.
The articles are sorted in the chapters:

Historic documents
historic Highwheel Riders
historic bicycles

Historic documents
Illustrationen aus historischen Zeitungen
Das Otto-Zweirad
Radfahrer-Huldigungsfest in Ischl, 1898
Wien 1885, beschrieben von Thomas Stevens
Can it be that the coming machine is to be a unicycle?
Der Wiener Cyclisten Club
Wie man das Hochrad zähmt

historic Highwheel Riders
Eduard Engelmann
Thomas Stevens
Mark Twain

historic bicycles
Das Otto-Zweirad
Das Lefèbvre Vélocipède
Hochrad von Thos Humber
The Geared Facile
Carl Lenz, Wien

Handbuch des Bicycle-Sport!
'Rädlichkeiten' oder Impressionen vom frühen Radeln
Die Entwicklung des Speichenrades!

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